Leave a Sustainable Legacy

Juice Bar offers a unique fundraising opportunity to support your university, school, church, or organizations fundraising efforts. Leave a legacy by supporting a sustainable initiative and by helping create the infrastructure to support the use of electric vehicles.

Raise Funds for your Organization

Your community gets a Juice Bar electric vehicle charging station and you get to raise funds for your organization.  Juice Bar will work with your organization to choose the best location for the charging station. This unique fund raising model provides a win-win opportunity for your organization, your community and the environment. Your organization will be able to sell sponsorships to businesses, allowing businesses the opportunity to brand themselves with a sustainable initiative. Depending on their donation amount, each business can select how their brand will appear on the actual charging station, creating a lifelong legacy of their dedicated support.

Foster Education of Sustainable Initiatives

Juice Bar in conjunction with your organization will create your fundraiser using an established model. Each Juice Bar has a predetermined price depending on chosen model, and anything raised above the cost of the Juice Bar will go directly to your organization. Your organization will get set up on the Juice Bar fundraising page created by Juice Bar on a crowd funding platform, and can be shared through social media. A representative from Juice Bar will also speak to your organization about our company and it’s practices, fostering the education of sustainable initiatives.

If you are interested in our fundraising opportunity for your organization please contact:

Paul Young
Sr. Business Development Associate
860.308.2054, ext. 103

Scott Liscomb
Juice Bar Business Development Associate
860.308.2054, ext. 107