Innovative Provider of Premium Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Juice Bar EV Announces Commitment to Charitable Organization, Khusi Hona

Up to $100 from every Juice Bar EV Charging Station purchased will be donated to Khusi Hona, which is dedicated to enriching the lives of orphans in India.

Tolland, CT. – August 28, 2014 – Juice Bar EV (the “Company”) a provider of premium electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is proud to announce their pledge to a charity called Khusi Hona which is dedicated to enriching the lives of orphans in India. 

Juice Bar EV selected an organization that reflects the same values as the charging station provider, which is to focus on things that enrich future generations through sustainable and innovative methods. “I have had the fortune of seeing first hand the difference Khusi Hona makes in children’s lives, and I believe whole heartedly in this organization. I believe every company should have a corporate commitment that focuses on things that are going to make this world a better place.” David Schmid, Managing Partner, Juice Bar EV. 

Khusi Hona, literally meaning, “feel happy”, makes a difference to the lives of orphans at the grassroots level. They find an immediate need in the field; post it live and donors can watch the need become fulfilled through live donation meters on their site and social platforms. Once the goal is accomplished the organization immediately implements the funds and posts the live results to the site through their blog, photos, and videos.

“At Khusi Hona we live our Mission, Vision and Core Values every day, at every level of the organization. Our values are reflected in our work, campaigns and causes.” Matthew van Rooyen, Founder, Khusi Hona organization.

The Mission, Vision and Core Values of Khusi Hona demonstrate the following:

• Feel Happy – Focus on positive side

• Life Enhancement – Instill a level of self worth and empowerment

• Innovation – Focus on creativity, innovation and new approaches

• Integrity - Educated decisions based on efficiently utilizing the funds

• Purpose Driven – Currency is lives; passion to impact individuals

• Relationships – Forage long-term relationships with the communities

• Technology – Utilize technology to effectively run the operations

• Respect – Goal is to strengthen the culture being served

• Promoting Solutions – Focus on implementing solutions

• Sustainability – Strive to fund causes that have long-term effect

Check out the Juice Bar EV Facebook page every Sunday for Khusi Hona’s new feature, and see how you can get involved in being a part of this dedicated organization. 

About Khusi Hona

In just two years Khusi Hona has funded over 75 projects at over 10 organizations across Southern Asia, impacting over 1000 orphaned or abandoned children. These projects have included everything from life saving mosquito nets to school tuition. Our innovative crowd-funding campaigns see 100% of the donations go directly to the cause. The funds are quickly directed from the donor to the projects and everyone involved sees exactly where their funds are being implemented. Project budgets range from $100 to over $1000 and are raised over a 1-week timeline.

Please visit the Khusi Hona website for more information;

About Juice Bar EV

Juice Bar® EV is a premium provider of electric vehicle charging stations, and the Green Garage Oasis® amenity center.  The Juice Bar charging station is not just an electric vehicle charging station; Juice Bar is a charging experience. Our highly visible premium charging stations provide an innovative concept in design and branding for Juice Bar EV charging station owners and creates a lifestyle option for end users.

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