"Khusi Hona applies ingenuity and develops innovative ways that aim to help orphanages become self-sustaining. One example of how Khusi Hona works with corporate sponsors to achieve that goal is evident in a recent commitment from an electric vehicle charging station company out of Connecticut called Juice Bar EV. Juice Bar has pledged to donate up to $100 to Khusi Hona from every Juice Bar electric vehicle charging station sold. “Currently with the support from Juice Bar EV we are working to fund the purchase of an electric rickshaw for a home we support in Nepal – the profits of which will fund the monthly food costs for the home,” states Matthew. “With this support we are able to pursue sustainable projects like this, funding a micro business initiative that will provide huge impact for the homes we support, and the profits serving the daily needs of the children.”

Juice Bar EV reflects the same values as the charging station provider, which is to focus on things that enrich future generations through sustainable and innovative methods. “I have had the fortune of seeing first hand the difference Khusi Hona makes in children’s lives, and I believe whole heartedly in this organization. I believe every company should have a corporate commitment that focuses on things that are going to make this world a better place,” - David Schmid, Managing Partner, Juice Bar EV."

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