Juice Bar can assist you in developing a strategy to install our electric vehicle charging stations, and earn points towards your LEED-certification.

Earn Points Towards Leed Certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which was developed by The U.S. Green Building Council. It is a point-based rating system as a way of measuring building greenness that is recognized globally as the premier mark of achievement in green building. LEED-certified buildings are not only a stamp of environmental approval that is publicly recognized, but it offers many other benefits. LEED-certified buildings may qualify for incentives such as tax rebates and other incentives at both the state and federal level.  By being energy efficient you save money, which can then be put to use for other critical resources. There are a number of opportunities in which you can earn points through the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. Juice Bar can assist you in developing a strategy to install our electric vehicle charging stations, and earn points towards your LEED-certification. 

Promote Your Green Initiatives

Installing a Juice Bar not only provides your customer with a premier charging experience, it offers your tenants, employees and customers the convenience of being able to charge their electric vehicle whether they are at work, shopping or traveling. Reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainability are a good way to show your corporate commitment to the environment, and encourage employees to drive electric vehicles. Present and future tenants want to be identified as having an office in an environmentally sustainable building. Employees want to work for companies that have green initiatives and what better way to state this than by having electric vehicle charge equipment & the LEED-certification. Both of these can enhance a building’s tenant retention and it’s overall value. Juice Bar charging stations have a large branding surface where companies can add their sustainability message. Our team will work with you to develop an appropriate customized message for your Juice Bar charging station, and you will create a positive lasting impression with tenants, employees and visitors. Add to that the value of the marketing opportunities through press releases and the good will generated by a commitment to an environmental initiative and it is a sustainable & profitable investment.

Installations in LEED-certified Facilities

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