As a first mover in this industry your theatre can capitalize on new business from the growing market of electric vehicle owners.

Stand Out from your Competition by Providing a Premium Amenity

An Entertainment facility, such as a Movie Theater captures people’s attention for several hours at a time. Providing an electric vehicle charging station for patrons to be able to charge their electric vehicles makes perfect sense. Catering to electric vehicle owners by providing this amenity, allows your destination to stand out from your competition. The rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry is forecasted to have continued growth at an exponential rate. As a first mover in this industry your theatre can capitalize on new business from the growing market of electric vehicle owners. Services such as offering a Juice Bar charging station exceeds expectations and generates a lasting impression, which translates into improved online reviews and more business. Juice Bar will help develop the appropriate strategy based on your budget and overall business objectives. 

Create a Revenue Generating Opportunity

Adding a Juice Bar electric vehicle charging station to your Entertainment facility can provide a billboard of sustainability, as well as the potential to become an income-producing asset, through advertising and/or charging for the use of the EV charging station. Our optional Point of Sale and Communication System on the charging stations, offers the option to choose whether or not to offer the charging at no cost, use the credit card option to charge a fee, and/or issue a card to patrons to access free charging.  Both the advertising model and the payment options can transform this user amenity into a cash flow positive revenue generating opportunity. Companies will be looking to combine their branding efforts with relatable, sustainable initiatives as well as the specific target demographics that your entertainment facility can offer.

Juice Bar Charging Stations Provide an Innovative Form of Advertising

When you install a Juice Bar charging station you can list your charging unit on a searchable directory to locate charging stations, and patrons with electric vehicles will chose a destination that offers this service.  This is also an innovative form of unique market advertising. The value of the marketing opportunities through press releases and the good will generated by a commitment to an environmental initiative makes this a sustainable & profitable investment.